Deep Freeze + Windows Locked Loop: Change to thawed mode

deep freeze


So, You’re stuck in a loop?

If you using the evalution edition – it’s no problem! just change your date 30 days to the future and deep freeze will stop working.
If you using the full edition you need a different solution:

To remove frozen mode without access to your windows, you must use a recovery OS.
You can use either Any Linux LiveCD, HBCD, Windows Recovery CD,  PXE Solution or whatever to load any NTFS/FAT Supported OS.


First you need another way to start your computer.
It can be your Windows Recovery CD, Any Live Boot CD/PXE or any environment which you can copy files in your local system. I will recommend UBUNTU/HBCD but Choose whatever suits you:

Quick Links:

1. Download UBUNTU

2. Download HBCD (Direct File Download:

3. or Use the recovery console on your Windows CD (not recommended – using command line)



Load your system from recovery CD or LINUX or any Live environment. the file which controls the DF (Deep Freeze) State located on C:\. if you have version 5, or version 6.

DF 5 : Replace file : Persi 0.sys

DF 6 : Replace file : $Persi0.sys

you need to repalce the file in drive C with the same file.

Just browse using any file-explorer to drive c:\, copy the file to other location, and then – copy it back to the same place.

if you need help to copy the file itself from command:

from Command:

mkdir c:\temp
copy c:/Persi o.sys c:/temp
copy c:/temp/Persi o.sys c:/



You are in  thawed mode!

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