SSH with Notepad++

SSH with Notepad++


SSH Is a builtin plugin in NotePad++ that not many knows about. You will learn how to use ssh in your NotePad++ Environment to increase your productivity.


Download and Install NotePad++.


Where is it?

Start NotePad++


Plugins Menu > NppFTP > Show NppFTP Window

The NppFTP window will be available to you now, press the Configuration button > Profile settings


Add your SSH profiles here as sFTP, Port 22.


Now, Close this window and Connect to the connection you’ve made using the Connect/Disconnect button on the NppFTP window.



I’ll bet you will love NppFTP!

30 thoughts on “SSH with Notepad++

  1. ~fhy

    Man! You have really made my day. Superb!
    After all the effort to implement ssh access from my Win7 File Manager …. I will definitely enjoy your solution!

    Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Marco V

    This is not actually SSH it is SFTP, you don’t have access to the terminal only to the files. Other than that it is a pretty good effort but a bit misleading.

  3. LE

    Truly missleading! Except of the S in SFTP, nothing to do with a true SSH client. Please change the title, your article is blocking the search results on google!

    1. liujianhong

      [SFTP] Connection failed : kex error : no match for method server host key algo: server [ssh-rsa,ssh-dss], client [ssh-ed25519]
      Unable to connect

  4. bernard

    @LE, you might be right about that but it does do the job when it comes to easily editing files … far better than using the console if you ask me 😉 tnx for this share !

  5. Krzysiu

    @LE – your comment is misleading. SFTP is a part of SSH 2.0 specification.

    FTP over SSH is just FTP protocol using SSH to communicate, but that’s other case and I think you could mistake FTP over SSH (which is not part of SSH) with SFTP (which is part of SSH standard and case of article).

    There’s no such thing as “true SSH client”, as there is nothing “more true” in sending commands using part of protocol than sending files using that protocol as well. Also I’m wondering why one would use console client and communicate with server using shell in text editor. Well, years ago people were buying microwave ovens with Internet browser on the front shield, so I won’t judge 😉

    I was searching for a way to connect by SSH to some server and I found it, so thanks, Etay Cohen-Solal. BTW if somebody have choice between SSH and FTP – SSH connections are less secure (gaining SSH auth data gives classic shell access as well, unless one will use known_hosts), but they are often more stable and faster, especially when server is using HPN patch. Well, try to install it and then transfer 5000 x 1 kB files over FTP and HPN-SSH 🙂 The difference is amazing! Even faster than 1×5000 kB over FTP.

  6. Brian

    This seems like a truly wonderful feature (I have used similar features in the past) but using a PPK (generated by PuTTY-keygen) does not work; only password authentication seems to work. Using PPK, the NppFTP output window shows this:

    [SFTP] Error during authentication: Access denied. Authentication that can continue: publickey,password

    Further, if both PPK and password methods are checked, only PPK is tried–when it fails, another attempt using password is NOT tried. I know the PPK is good, because both PuTTY and WinSCP can use it successfully.

  7. Max

    Not working
    [SFTP] Connection failed : kex error : no match for method server host key algo: server [ssh-dss], client [ssh-rsa]
    Unable to connect

  8. Hentungartugs

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