How-to: SCP from Windows

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You will learn how to use SCP from windows shell or GUI.

Your options

You can copy files from you windows to your linux by using FTP but it is not recommended. Sending your password and files over ftp in plaintext form might have been ok in the past but nowadays it’s just asking for trouble., use scp. you can use GUI like WinSCP or shell replacemnent.



Choose whatever method is more confort for you:


Go to to the official PuTTY download page and scroll down, you will see a link to pscp.exe. It is a scp replacement, A command line scp client for windows. Download it, rename it to scp.exe, copy it to a folder in your path (Like C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32) and you are ready to go. It works almost the same like the real thing with few little exceptions.

copy pscp.exe c:\windows\system32\scp.exe

You can see which folders are on your path by typing at command:




Visit the WinSCP Download Page and download the last version of WinSCP. Install it, configure your server and you can copy files to your server using ssh in GUI Mode.


Happy SCP-ing.

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