PuTTY Configuration Tips with SSH Connection


You can find here a few PuTTY Configuration Tips that will save you a lot of time using SSH.
PuTTY is a free and open source terminal emulator application.

Download and Install PuTTY

  • Download and run the PuTTY.exe file: PuTTY

PuTTY Configuration Tips

Set Scrollback Lines

  • Usually when we use PuTTY there are a lot of lines displayed with every command so we easily reach the number 200 and we can’t scroll back to our previous commands and outputs.
    We can increase the number of lines to scroll back so we can see previous outputs (only of the current session):
    Set “Lines of scrollback” to whatever you need
  • putty configuration tips 1

Change Character Set

  • PuTTY default charset causes programs with Command Line Interface (CLI) to change their appearance.
    The closest charset to the “real” CLI interface is UTF-8:
    Set translation to UTF-8
  • putty configuration tips 2

Change Terminal Colors

  • PuTTY default colors are a black background with white text.
    We can choose to use “system colors” and get a white background with black text:
    Mark “Use system colours”
  • putty configuration tips 3

Set Auto-login username

  • If you always use the same Username while to log-in to your servers you can set it to be used without typing it every time you reconnect:
    Fill Auto-login username
  • putty configuration tips 4

Save to Default Settings

  • Now we can save all these setting to our Default Settings profile:
    Select Default Settings And Click Save
  • putty-savedef


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