Remote Desktop over SSH using Tunnelier


Bitvise Tunnelier makes it easier to Use Windows Remote Desktop over SSH connection.
Connecting to a Secure Shell server as a gateway and not directly to a windows PC, is a safer way to connect and add another layer of encryption.
This way you can connect to any client behind a firewall as long as you have port 22 open to your SSH server.

tunnel-overview Tunnelier

Download and Install Tunnelier

  1. Tunnelier installation: Bitvise SSH Client installer
  2. Install and run
  3. Switch to the Login Tab
    Remote Desktop over SSH using Tunnelier1
  4. Change the server Host to your Linux or Windows SSH Server IP or Hostname
  5. Input SSH username and password – You can mark Store encrypted password in profile
  6. Switch to Options Tab
    Remote Desktop over SSH using Tunnelier2
  7. On Login – Mark only Open Remote Desktop
  8. Switch to Remote Desktop Tab
    Remote Desktop over SSH using Tunnelier3
  9. Input Windows Hostname or IP Address
  10. You can mark the “Admin” option if you need a console connection

All Done.

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