Remote Desktop over SSH using PuTTY


Connecting to a SSH server as a gateway and not directly to a Remote Desktop PC is a safer way to connect and add another layer of encryption without losing performance,
this way you can connect to any client behind a firewall as long as you have port 22 open to your SSH server.
Using Windows Remote Desktop over SSH connection is a very simple task to perform using PuTTY.


Download and Install

  • Download and run the PuTTY.exe file: PuTTY

Configure Hostname

  • Input a Hostname or IP address for the server (and a port if different from default 22):
    Set “Host Name (or IP address)” to whatever you need
  • Remote Desktop over SSH using PuTTY

Configure Tunnel

  • Now we can configure the Tunnel over the SSH connection by selecting a local port and setting the remote destination:
    Set “Source Port” to a random Source port (make sure it is not being used)
    Set “Destination” to Remote Desktop IP Address or Hostname and add “:3389” at the end for the default Remote Desktop port
  • Remote Desktop over SSH using PuTTY

  • Don’t forget to click Add!
  • Remote Desktop over SSH using PuTTY

Enable SSH Compression

  • You can enable compression for the SSH connection:
    Mark “Enable compression”
  • putty-compress

Save Settings

  • Don’t forget to save your settings:
    Input Session Name under “Saved Sessions” and Click Save
  • putty-save

Remote Desktop Client

  • Start Remote Desktop Client on windows (Run mstsc.exe):
    Input (The random port you selected before)
  • putty-mstsc


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