Optimize BlueStacks App Player for Windows


BlueStacks App Player for Windows is a great Android emulator that supports most of the common games on Google Play.
In this tutorial I will give you a few tips how to optimize BlueStacks App Player for Windows.

Download and Install BlueStacks App Player

  1. Go to http://www.bluestacks.com/ and download BlueStacks App Player
  2. Open BlueStacks App Player and register your GMail Account details
  3. Close BlueStacks

Adjust BlueStacks RAM (Memory)

BlueStacks App Player comes with a default of 768MB RAM.

  1. Open ‘regedit’: Start->Run->regedit
  2. Navigate to: ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/BlueStacks/Guests/Android’
  3. Double click the value ‘Memory’
  4. Change Base to Decimal
  5. Input your desired RAM amount
    For example: If you have 4GB of RAM input 2GB: ‘2048’
  6. optimize BlueStacks RAM

Flickering Issue with NVidia Display Adapter

Sometimes with NVidia GPUs there is an issue that causes the screen to flicker.

  1. Open NVidia Control Panel and navigate to ‘Manage 3D Settings’
  2. Select tab ‘Program Settings’
  3. Click Add and Select ‘BlueStacks Frontend’
  4. Scroll down to ‘Threaded optimization’ and change it to ‘Off’
  5. optimize BlueStacks NVidia GPU

BlueStacks Process priority

Increase BlueStacks Process priorities in Task Manager:

  1. Open Task Manager and go to Details tab
  2. Right-Click ‘HD-Frontend’ and change priority to Above-Normal
  3. optimize BlueStacks NVidia CPU


24 thoughts on “Optimize BlueStacks App Player for Windows

  1. yogendra singh

    when i am starting asphlat 8 game that time my screen showing big means that time i am not able to see my car and other things like care road and track i see big black box so please provide me solution

  2. Twisted Code

    This didn’t really help my problem of the sound output from the app player failing to do the audio equivalent of frame skipping (I suppose it would be called sample skipping). The result is the sound output from the app player begins to lag behind the video output and control stream. Does anyone know what I can do for that? I’m about to try reinstalling the app player. If that doesn’t fix it, I’m out of ideas.
    If that does fix it, I will either edit this comment or reply to it.

  3. Sev

    Thank you for the article. However, even though I followed the instructions my app player is not utilizing more RAM. I have 12GB of ram on my PC and I allocated 4 GB in the registry and restarted my PC. it still shows less than 1 GB in the settings.

  4. Decay

    eem, it seems my screen turned into some kind of ritual here, only B&W but with great shade, is there a problem or just need the settings ?

  5. Napoleon

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    clés pour perdre du poids rapidement , puis dans notre guide à
    télécharger, vous trouverez plusieurs autres conseils
    supplémentaires qui vous aiderons à continuer de maigrir sur le long terme.

  6. Danny@bluestacksguides

    Is there a way to revert back to the original BlueStacks resolution? Sometimes during wars I don’t like to play with the tiny 800×600 resolution on my 27″ monitor. I know its just a registry change that only requires a relog of windows and not an actual restart so I don’t mind that. I just never got the old registry hack the previous versions needed so I could figure it out myself.


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