Fix BS Player Skips Frames with Subtitles on Full Screen


BS Player skips frames while displaying MKVs Subtitles with several codecs on Windows 7/8.

Change BSPlayer Rendering Engine

  1. Open up preferences ->Video -> Video Renderer
  2. Change the rendering mode to Internal renderer overlay (default)

Fix BS Player Skips Frames

If you still have an issue try another rendering engine from the list.


22 thoughts on “Fix BS Player Skips Frames with Subtitles on Full Screen

  1. Dolgousko

    After lots of testing, i realized that the problem is because of this> Open Settings -> General, and check if Seek by keyframes (Avi and Mkv files) is clicked. It must be clicked (selected, ticked) so the player wouldn’t freeze. I hope I helped you all. Cheers!

  2. MVG

    Thank you so much it fixed my issue too!
    The left side of the screen was glitching when using subtitles on MKV files with BSplayer. But now it’s fixed thanks to you!


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