Create OS X Mountain Lion Bootable USB from Windows


Create an Apple OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Bootable USB installation from Windows 7 using PowerISO Application.

Create Mountain Lion USB installation from Windows


To create an Apple Mountain Lion bootable USB Installation you will need PowerISO and an Apple OS X installation in ISO format.

Create a Mountain Lion bootable USB installation

  • Open PowerISO and continue unregistered.
  • Click on the Tools Menu and select “Create Bootable USB Drive”
    Mountain Lion bootable USB 1
  • Select Source image file – OS X ISO
  • Select Destination USB Drive
  • Write method will change automatically to “Write RAW Image File to USB Drive”
    Mountain Lion bootable USB 2
  • Click Start and wait for your USB Drive to become ready

All Done.

6 thoughts on “Create OS X Mountain Lion Bootable USB from Windows

  1. Cris

    One question, you say that you need the OS in an ISO format, will it work if I have it on a .dmg format?

  2. Mumtaz

    I did all but im getting an error .when I try to boot from usb then it starts windows again .why it is not booting from usb ?

  3. Sunny

    Hii I did all the thing that you said in this post. I did this thing with the help of POWER ISO same as you said in this post, and I got a message “Your Device Writing Successfully”. But when I have to check that pendrive in my computer this pendrive is showing nothing, and pendrive did not boot.
    plzzz help how to do this

  4. Anonymous

    guys u hav 2 hold option key while starting ure mac an select efi (or whatever the usb is) and ure mac should start up in mountain lion successfully. Duh.


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