Using modern.IE – Testing for Internet Explorer just got a little easier

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Microsoft to developers: This is the ‘modern.IE’ world

Microsoft announced their new tool called modern.IE.
Using this tool (website) you can scan for common coding problems.

Beside the modern.iE tool, you can use BrowserStack or Chrome and Firefox add-ons to scan for problems.

It’s noteworthy that Modern.IE’s scanning tool is rather vague in the results it displays, in part for security purposes. However, devs can contact Microsoft for more details, as the company explains:

For security and privacy reasons, we don’t disclose these technical details on the site. Instead, developers can easily contact us, receive this info, and get IE engineering team support at no cost.


Scan your site now!

Speaking IE: don’t forget to get ready for plug-in free browsing (Internet Explorer)

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