Solaris 10 LACP – Link Aggregation Control Protocol


Solaris 10 LACP – Create a Link Aggregation on Oracle Solaris.


Show Devices

dladm show-dev

First we need to know the names of the devices:

you should get something like this:

Solaris 10 LACP


Create the Solaris 10 LACP

Now we can create the LACP using nge0 and nge1:

dladm create-aggr -l active -PL3 -d nge0 -d nge1 1


Set IP address and bring up the device

ifconfig aggr1 plumb netmask up

In order to start the device on system start-up you need to create a file in /etc:

vi /etc/hostname.aggr1

You can write the IP-ADDRESS or HOST-NAME in the file.


All Done.

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