Fix: WordPress 3.5 Update Mess-up system (JScript Issue)


Recent WordPress Update to Version 3.5 has made problem in many of our wordpress systems.
Options like: Widgets Drag & Drop, Add Media, Screen Options, Some options at TinyMCE such as Insert/Edit Link, Visual/Text and more not working anymore.

What is the problem?

WordPress 3.5 aimes to overhauling the media experience from the ground up. For our expereince, Most of our custom and Premium themes stopped working correctly. Also many plugins soon released their update due to problems with WP3.5.

External libraries updated: TinyMCE  3.5.6 3.5.7. SimplePie 1.3 1.3.1. jQuery 1.8.2 1.8.3. jQuery UI 1.9 (and it’s not even released yet) 1.9.2. We’ve also added Backbone 0.9.2 and Underscore 1.3.3 1.4.2, and you can use protocol-relative links when enqueueing scripts and styles. (#16560)



For best solution, revise your theme and plugins.

General Tip: Use your own  Child Theme over Premium Theme; Better over Twenty Series Themes, They are most updated.

The newest default theme for WordPress, Twenty Twelve, is now available for download from the WordPress themes directory.

One fix we found, which fixed most of our issues was to just install plugin: Use Google Libraries to your wordpress.


Test your plugins and themes against 3.5.

Use the new Addition to WP 3.5:

Beta Tester Plugin

A quick piece of advice for those of you who want to test new, best versions of WordPress … use theWordPress Beta Tester plugin. That will allow you to automatically install the very latest build of WordPress, directly from your admin area.

Of course, please don’t use this on any site that you value highly.

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