The BEST Mechanical Keyboard EVER

Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate

I want to share with you with the BEST keyboard I ever had.
The “Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate“.

Over the last couple of years, I have joined the mechanical keyboards movement and never looked back again.

The first mechanical Keyboard I had ever bought was the Corsair K70 (cherry mx brown). It was (and still is) a great Keyboard overall. I was so in love with using a mechanical keyboard (and cherry mx) that I bought two others, the Duckyshine 6 (cherry mx red) and the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate (cherry mx blue).

While Corsair K70 and the Duckyshine 6 are GREAT keyboards (If Das would not exist – I would probably use the Duckshine 6 – It’s also an amazing keyboard), I want to share with you my experience with the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate. I found out it’s the BEST keyboard I have worked with. It’s my main Keyboard and the only one I am using daily at work (and gaming).

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At first, I was afraid trying out a completely BLANK keyboard. never tried one before. (actually never saw one before). I was’t sure I’ll ever get used to it and the price tag was too high in order to throw it away. But nonetheless – I’ve decided to try it out. Das called it “Badass“, “A Work of art” and “Only for the best“. I HAD to try it out.

My impression – Blank & Badass!

I am working with the Das for almost a year now. Can’t recommend it enough. was worth EVERY dollar I spent on it!!. Took me only a few minutes to adjust to the blank keys. I found out I don’t really need the key caps inscriptions.

The build quality of the Das Keyboard is AMAZING! the Keycaps feels great. The Volume knob is the most enjoyable and useful volume knob I ever used, not to mention the USB port and the USEFUL footbar – ruler. I had used it couple of times.

I am a heavy Cola & Coffee drinker, usually while working. Every keyboard I had suffered at some point of time a full mug of drink pouring onto it. When the Corsair had its share of Cola – The computer freeze immediately. all the keyboard LEDs were blinking like crazy. only after a cleanup and a few days of drying out I could work with it again. It was never the same again. Until this day some LED’s are obscure and the “.” (Dot) key in the NumPad never worked again. I know I can’t blame the Keyboard and can only blame myself, but when Coke spilled out onto my Das keyboard I was so sad and mad on myself. For my surprise nothing happened and it just worked! I cleaned-up the keys from the stickiness and never had any issue with the keyboard since. This keyboard is built to last.

Cherry MX Blue

The Cherry MX Blue switches are my favorite. Altough I enjoyed the Brown and the Red. The “clicky” feeling of the Blue switches are uncomparable for me.


Did I say it’s an amazing Keyboard?

If you are used to work without looking at the keyboard – it’s for you! and now – no one else can work on my PC 😉

I only wish they had the same keyboard with RGB LED’s. even if it’s funny – as you don’t really need the lights to see the completely blank keys. I will still probably buy it.. just for the atmosphere in the room while I am working at night.

AWESOME KEYBOARD! Thank you daskeyboard!

You can buy it for 169$ at daskeyboard store

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  1. azzio24

    Yeah it might be the best. And Surely the mechanical keyboards are worth to buy.
    But I recently bought RETRO CLASSIC BT from aziocorp and it’s really worth its value. My son loved it absolutely.
    You can have a try too


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