Yamaha P-95 out of tune solution


Yamaha P-95 out of tune? I’ll explain the keys to reset your keyboard to default tune and…. I’ll teach you how to retune it again when you want to.


Yamaha P-95 out of tune

Your P-95 keyboard may be pitched or in trasposition.



To reset your P-95 pitch hold down the A-1, B-1 and C0 keys simultaneously (most left 3 white keys of your keyboard) and press any key between C3 and B3.



to raise pitch in your P-95 keyboard hold down the A-1, B-1 and C0 keys simultaneously and press any key between C3 and B3.



to lower pitch in your P-95 keyboard hold down the A-1, B-1 and C#0 keys simultaneously and press any key between C3 and B3




To reset transposition in your P-95 hold down the [DEMO/SONG] and [METRONOME] buttons, press the C3 key

Raise or lower

To raise transposition in your P-95 or lower hold down the [DEMO/SONG] and [METRONOME] buttons, press one of the F#2–F#3 keys to set the desired amount of transposition

  • any key between C#3 and F#3 to transpose up.
  • any key between F#2 and B2 to transpose down.
Yamaha P-95 out of tune

Yamaha P-95 out of tune

That’s it! for more information consider reading the manual.

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8 thoughts on “Yamaha P-95 out of tune solution

  1. Betsy

    I’ve tried changing the HERTZ on my Yamaha P-95, but it’s not working. I’ve tried it with the keyboard on and off, and nothing changes. Have you any other ideas… please? Thanks!

  2. Markus Tønder

    Hahah, I got to borrow a piano from school because they couldn’t use it as it was out of tune. My teacher told me it was too expensive to have it repaired. Took me less than 5 minutes to fix thanks to this post.
    Thanks, man!

  3. Darcy

    Thanks for the instructions. For the pitch reset the picture is correct but the written instructions don’t include C# that must also be included.

  4. Bets

    Thanks, all! I’m good to go… I was actually experimenting with the pitch – it wasn’t out of tune. Movin’ on…

  5. Jorge

    Buen dia, como darle reset a piano p-95s enciende le doy play y parpadea el led verde acciono el metronomo y tambien se activa pero no hay audio a mi entender le falta un reset por que presionaron varias teclas (muchas) a la vez y ya no se escucho de antemano gracias

  6. Helena Hope

    Hi! I have tried to reset the pitch and transposition like you´ve described here, but it doesn´t work! Do you have any other tricks?

  7. Cait M.

    I have perfect pitch, and it scares the crap out of people that I can identify a pitch and/or sing it without relying on any other instrument in 0.5 seconds. One day, I turned on my piano and instantly knew something was off. Not only do I play piano, but I also sing and play guitar. I also record songs pretty often. Every time I would play the piano it would bother the heck out of me. Just today, I found this website. At first I read the instructions and noticed the picture was different. So, I just ignored the picture. I kept on trying and trying, but the piano was still being stupid and I started getting really mad. Then, for some reason I decided to try what was in the picture. Instantly, I knew it worked. My parents had been planning to just buy a new piano, but now we don’t! The piano is like new. Oh, and just to clarify what the instructions don’t say, the piano has to be on. Lol


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