Security tips: Protect yourself online.

Security tips

the following Security tips are the key to secure your personal data online

Resident Threats

viruses, malware, spyware and others are security threat no.1.!!
do not live with them! if you fear you have one take care of it immediately! if antivirus solution installed and not helping you, you should read
Why I’m NOT using an antivirus?
do not install anything on your computer you don’t know or don’t trust.

Passwords Security

Keep a secret list of your password, and backup it. you can use an online service, your computer or a paper, but backup it anyway.

E-mail Security

* use a unique password for your e-mail account. we’ll call it master password.
* create complicated password. do not tell nobody your passwords, not even to your friends.
* do not include your name in the password or any obvious detail as birthdate, etc.
* avoid using security questions/answer combination not known only to you.
* attach secondary email if available, just in case. be sure the secondary mail follows the same security rules!

Services Security

use another password for all your non-email accounts. no service holder should be able to obtain your master password. I rater use one password for inportant services life: facebook, Twitter, etc. and another generic password for another else.
If you want to be really secured, you should use a unique password for each service, but avoid using obvious changes like:

master password: mypass
facebook: fmypass
twitter: tmypass
misc blog: bmypass

it’s wrong and not secure! you should develop another system of patterns, and never contain the master password as is.
in this example, I create a ‘three block system’ for passwords. the master password is: mypass.
facebook for example will be: fbmpx1.
‘fb’ for facebook, ‘mp’ as a global personal key, but without compromising one the master password. and ‘x1’ as a personal key for each service. you should be remembering those.

master password: mypass
facebook: fbmpx1
twitter: twmp66
misc blog: blmpaa

* work thorugh ALL of the security options in each site you are sign-in to.

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