Setup BIND DNS Server on CentOS 7

Install Calipso CMS on Centos 6.3

Install Calipso CMS on Centos 6.3


Node.js, npm and mongoDB. if you need help install missing apps you can visit

Install Node.js / Express.js / Derby.js / Meteor.js on RHEL/Centos 6.3 Tutorial

also, you’ll need to validate you have the following libs:

[code lang=”bash”]yum install make openssl-devel


Install Calipso CMS

[code lang=”bash”]npm install calipso -g


Create a new project

[code lang=”bash”]calipso site /var/www/MyBlog
cd /var/www/MyBlog
calipso server

you can start with different port with:

[code lang=”bash”]calipso server -p 80


you can go to your browser and start the guided installtion process at http://localhost:80.


Hapy Calipso’ing…

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