Bulk Convertion of RAW Files to JPG/PNG using IrfanView



Visit http://www.irfanview.com/

Download latest version (Version 4.35 for me),



Just <Next>..<Next> until the end..



Mass Convertion

Start IrfanView, it’s should look like this:


Press ‘B’ on your keyboard or Goto File > Batch Conversion/Rename


and this is what you should see:




  1. Make sure you are at Batch Convertion mode.
  2. Add your files. If the irfan browser doesn’t see your files (like in this example), just drag them from your explorer to the input files box.
  3. Set the Output Directory and Output format to: JPG (or whatever you desire).


Note: you can use the advanced options for further bulk options like resize, crop, etc.



Press now the ‘Start Batch’ button, and your files are bulk converted!





Using IrafnView you can Bulk (Mass) Convert your RAW files to any other file type (JPG/PNG/TIF/etc)

You can do a lot more using this amazing cool software! Recommended!



4 thoughts on “Bulk Convertion of RAW Files to JPG/PNG using IrfanView

  1. Jeremy

    I tried these steps because the raw files won’t show up and I get an Error message saying “Error! can’t load”

    Is there something I’m missing?

  2. Jacob

    LOL…you made an article without it even working for you…look at your screenshots…“Error! can’t load”


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