Larry Reloaded Walkthrough – Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded 2013.

Larry Reloaded Walkthrough – Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded 2013.

Warning: spoiler Alert!

Larry 2013 – Larry Reloaded Walkthrough – Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded Walkthrough:


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Larry Reloaded Walkthrough

Larry Reloaded Walkthrough

Larry Reloaded Walkthrough - Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded 2013.

Lefty’s Bar 

  • Open the door to enter and sit on the chair. Talk to the bartender and order Whiskey ($5.00).
  • Go through the entrance to the back. Give the whiskey to the drunk for his coaster.
  • Flip (Use) the coaster inside your invetory to find a number (7-24-46)
  • Take the rose. Open the door to enter the toilet.
  • In the toilet: take the ring from the sink. Turn on the hot water to reveal the password on the window.
  • Go to the other door in the bar and knock. Use the password on the door to get access.


  • Take the remote.
  • Use the coaster-with-the-code to open the safe in the top right corner.

  • Take a battery-operated-personal-massage-device from the safe.
  • Open the battery-operated-device on your inventory and take the batteries out. You need to try about 4 times before it will eventually open.

  • Use the batteries in the remote and use the remote on the TV.
  • Use it again seven more times to get the pimps attention.

  • Go upstairs.


  • Take the candy and open the window to get onto the balcony.
  • Walk left to fall into the dumpster. You will find a a hammer.
  • Walk to the front of the bar. If you see the guy with the barrel, buy an apple from him. If he is not there he will show up later here or in another place.
  • Call a taxi (use the sign) and enter it.
  • Talk to the driver and select the Casino. Use your wallet to pay and exit the cab.


Casino – Caesar’s Phallus

  • Go inside and make around $500 in Blackjack or Slots. (easy using save/load)
  • At the 2nd screen, pick up the pass in the ashtray.
  • Go right and sit down inside the cabaret. Take the tank of helium. Sit down when the comedian is around. You may need to go out and return if the comedian is not there.
  • Go to the Buffet. Clean the table of spilled food (Outside the fixtures). Once you complete this task you will get a bottle of Hot Sauce.
  • Go out of the Cabaret. Take the elevator to the 7th floor.

    Take the coveralls out of the bushes.

  • Use the hand on the coveralls to get the golden key.

  • Use the elevator to go back to the 1th floor and l

    eave the casino.

  • Walk right to “Weddin’ Ready”.



Weddin’ Ready – Wedding Chapel

  • Take a jasmine blossom from the bush.
  • Call a cab and get in. Talk to the driver and select the Come ‘n’ go Store. Use your wallet to pay and exit the cab.



“Come ‘n’ Go” Convenient Store

  • Use at the payphone and note the number. Call the number 555-6969 and answer the questions however you like. call also 555-1234.
  • Go inside the convenient store. Look at the magazine rack and take one.
  • Go towards the back and take a carton of wine. Pay for these items.
  • Use the sign in front of the clerk and he’ll offer you choices of lubbers (You can answer any of the questions about the size, flavor, etc). Pay for it.
  • Go outside. Give the bum the wine as exchange for a knife. If he doesn’t show up, go into the store and out until he does.
  • Read the magazine.
  • Go right to the Club 69.



Club 69

  • Show the pass to the bouncer to get inside.
  • Talk to the  lady on the right in blue named Fawn:
  • Introduce yourself.  /  Learn her name. “Fawn”  /  Learn more about her.  /  Lets leave  /  Gotta run… have things to find.
  • Give her the rose, ring, candy and finally money/wallet. She’ll leave so leave as well.
  • Take a taxi to the Wedding Chapel again. 


Weddin’ Ready – Wedding Chapel

  • Talk to the “flasher” while you stand in front of him/them.
  • Open the chapel door to get married.
  • Give your wallet to her so she can pay the $100 for the certificate.
  • Once the ceremony is over… Exit and go west to the casino again.


Casino – Caesar’s Phallus

  • Enter the casino and go into the elevator at the back. Use it to get to the 4th floor.
  • Use breath spray and enter the honeymoon suite with the heart at the door.
  • Tune on the radio several times and wait for the commercial (555-8039 service) to finish.
  • Go down the elevator to the first floor and call a taxi at the entrance.
  • Enter it and tell the driver you want to go to the Convenient Store, pay and exit.



“Come ‘n’ Go” Convenient Store

  • Use the phone and call 555-8039 to order wine.
  • Call another taxi, get in and head back to the Casino, pay and exit.



Casino – Caesar’s Phallus

  • Go back up to the fourth floor and into the honeymoon suite.
  • Grab the wine to pour 2 glasses. Then touch Fawn for some foreplay and then talk to her.
  • After the rumble, use the knife on yourself to get free.
  • Grab the cord (rope) afterwards as well.
  • Combine one short cord to the other short cord together.
  • Now you only have $5 so go to the casino and make enough for 2 more taxi fares ($50 ought to do it).  If you forgot to save and lost all your money, try going outside to get a bit of cash from a passer by.


The Pool

  • Take the lift to the 2th floor.Enter the private room, using the golden key.
    It will take you to the swimming pool.
  • Talk to the lady.Her name is Jasmine.
  • After you talked for a while you will learn she needs new perfume… something fresh.
  • Exit the conversation
  • Exit the pool area and come back in, using the key.
  • Now you will be with he whale. Take a squib from the basket. Use the hot sauce on the whale
  • Take the ambergris from the water.
  • Put the jasmine flower into the bottle.
  • Put the ambergris into the bottle.
  • Outside, call a cab and drive to Lefty’s Bar. Pay and exit.


Lefty’s Bar

  • Go inside and buy Vodka. Add the vodka to the perfume bottle.
  • knock at the right door again. Use the password to get in and go up the stairs.
  • use the hand on yourself to remove the clothes. Use the condom on yourself.
  • Use the hand on the bed to start censored scene.
  • When you are finished, Click on yourself to remove the condom.  (If you forget this step, the police will chase you later…and you will return to this point)
  • touch yourself to get dressed. Go outside the window. Here, tie the mixed short cord to the fire escape on the right.
  • Click on yourself to secure the other end to Larry.
  • Use the hammer on the window at the bottom right to get the Spanish fly pills.
  • Walk left to drop down and exit the dumpster.
  • At the front of the bar, call the last taxi in this game and head to your final destination: The Casino. Pay and exit.



  • You need to find the cat. If the cat is not here, go right.  If still not there go left…
  • Give the squib to the cat and you will then extract some cat gland fluid.
  • Add the civet into the bottle.Now the bottle of perfume is ready!.
  •  go to the 2nd floor, and open the Private Room with the golden key.
  • Give the bottle to Jasmine. After she chase you away, go back in. The locker will be open.
    Take the latex repair kit from the locker.



  • Go to the 8th floor.
  • Talk to the lady standing behind the counter. Give her the pills and press the button on the counter after she has left. Enter the elevator you have just opened.
  • Go left to the bedroom and open the closet. You will get a doll.
  • Fix the doll using the latex repair kit.
  • Go out. Enter the sliding door on the right.
  • Inflate the doll with helium.
  • Squeeze her a bit and then exit so the wind can take you off..
  • Talk to the lady. Her name is Eve.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Talk about clothing.
  • Remind her of your spectacular entrance
  • “It’s like bathing in bubbly”
  • Keep going until you hear “Why don’t you slip into this water…”
    Then exit the conversation and click yourself to strip off (do it again) and jump in…
  • Give Eve the apple and watch the ending.


You have finished the Larry Reloaded Walkthrough!

Enjoy! And thank you Kick-Starters!.

I’ve hope the Larry Reloaded Walkthrough helped you.

That’s It! Larry Reloaded Walkthrough

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