ER Swiffy Insert

ER Swiffy Insert WordPress Plugin


ER Swiffy Insert WordPress plugin allows you to insert HTML5 animations generated with Google Swiffy.
Google Swiffy allows you to convert a Flash SWF file into an HTML5 file to use on mobile devices without Flash support.

Insert the Swiffy code

  1. In your page/post editing panel, go to Custom Fields area (enable it in the Screen Options menu).
  2. Create a new Custom Field called swiffy_1
  3. Paste the long swiffy code in the Value field. For Example:

  4. To add a second animation add another custom field called swiffy_2 and so on.

Shortcode usage

[swiffy n="1" w="640" h="480" v="5.0"]

n = animation number. (1 by default)
w = width in pixels.
h = height in pixels.
v = gstatic runtime script version. (5.0 by default)
Download from WordPress plugins directory
ER Swiffy Insert SVN repository