ER SourceForge Stats

ER SourceForge Stats WordPress Plugin


ER SourceForge Stats WordPress plugin allows you to insert SourceForge download statistics using a simple short-code.

ER SourceForge Stats short-code usage

  • You can use the short-code in a page, post or text widget.
  • You can use the short-code as many times as you want on the same page and check multiple files, folder and projects.

Short-code examples:

  • [sf project=”projectname”]
  • [sf project=”projectname” start_date=”2012-11-23″]
  • [sf project=”projectname” start_date=”2012-11-23″ end_date=”2013-03-25″]
  • [sf project=”projectname” start_date=”2012-11-23″ end_date=”2013-03-25″ file=”file.tar.gz”]

Parameters List

project = Project Name.

start_date = Start date of statistics – YEAR-MONTH-DAY (1999-01-01 by default). You can use date(‘Y-m-d’) for current day.

end_date = End date of statistics – YEAR-MONTH-DAY (Current Day by default).

file = File to Monitor (Entire project by default).

Download ER SourceForge Stats from WordPress plugins directory
ER SourceForge Stats SVN repository